QUIET RIOT – Road Rage (Album Review)

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Quiet RiotQuiet Riot

Road Rage

Frontiers Records

Release Date: August 4th 2017

Quiet Riot has a new studio album coming out. Initially, lone holdout from the Metal Health lineup, drummer Frankie Banali was hesitant at even the suggestion of continuing on after Kevin DuBrow passed in 2007.  That view softened as time passed and Frankie fired up the Quiet Riot van in 2010 and played a few shows.  I’ve always felt that Quiet Riot wasn’t the sacred cow it seems Frankie thinks as he has spent the last 6-7 years reminding us Kevin‘s mom is cool with all of this.  Kevin DuBrow was an amazing singer but QR is largely a two hit one record band.

But I digress.  Heading into the studio with his fifth singer in six years you might think Frankie would be hesitant to anoint anyone “THE guy for the gig”.  But this is a rare situation.  How often can you get the runner up to the runner up of that dude’s runner up from American Idol to front a band from the 80’s?  That’s a lot of standing in a line at a mall.  But with a meager 37 year age difference, I’m sure he’s right.  This is meant to last.

The record opens with the lead single “Can’t Get Enough”.  And the bands first video in a long time I’m told.  No question.  It’s the best song on the record.  It teases you enough to think that maybe this record might be ok.  What you will soon learn is that being the best song on this record is akin to being the best smelling hockey bag.  It still stinks.  It’s a fairly paint by numbers track that has fresh lyrics like “chased the dragon too far”.  The next song “Getaway” opens with some sitar.  Fucking sitar baby.  This song represents the worst of 80’s metal in a mish mash sense.

Quiet RiotUp next is the song with an insultingly stupid pun for a title “Roll This Joint”.  Again it’s got that forgettable parts of the 80’s vibe.  The kicker being the lyric “If you’re missing the point I’m gonna rock this house I’m gonna roll this…”  Singer James Durbin actually sings “Cheech and Chong”  at one point followed by something about Marley.  This stupid song is a lyrical representation of the black light section of Spencers.  It should only be listened to by the glow of a discount lava lamp cast upon a pot leaf poster.

“Freak Flag” may be the song to listen to as a litmus test on whether or not this album is for you.  If you can resist the urge to press skip listening to this song, maybe this record is for you.  Because this song sucks.  It’s a lazy stab at, I don’t even know.  But it’s the least genuine song on a record full of run of the mill rock.  The next track “Wasted” is another stupid pun.  Take a shot.  Let’s wrap this up with some word association.

“Still Wild” – Still no good.
“Make a Way” – Let the chorus through people.
“Renegades”QR gets political??
“The Road” – Think “Faithfully” by Journey but it sucks.
“Shame” – As in “Have you no?”
“Knock Em’ Down”“We’re never gonna stop.  Go another round.  They try to set us up.  We knock em’ down.” (Actual lyrics)

Let’s face it.  The best Quiet Riot album is a Greatest Hits.  They have never had a great album.  But they got a lot of forgettable ones.  In that sense, one could argue Frankie raised the bar with Road Rage.  I like Frankie.  He’s a fascinating interview.  Great drummer.  And I have no issue with him carrying on with the Quiet Riot name.  Good for him.  But that doesn’t make this record any good.  Neither does adding some American Idol leftover into the equation.  Just ask INXS or Tracii Guns.  If you want to give QR some of your money, go buy the killer documentary Now That You’re Here, There’s No Way Back.  Or go see them live and buy a T shirt.  At least you may use the T shirt more than once.  Doubtful with this record.


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8 thoughts on “QUIET RIOT – Road Rage (Album Review)”

    1. Only a fucking moron would say a review is “biased.” A review is an opinion, you moron. Of course it is biased. Proof fans of this record and shit band are mental midgets. By the way,, this album sucks a rodeo full of bull balls.

      1. Easy there Pope, don’t get your cassock in a bunch. Why so mad?
        This band for some reason is ticking off a lot of people, I find it rather amusing. Don’t like the album, don’t buy it.
        See how simple that was?

  1. I don,t think James Durbin will be in Quiet Riot this time next year.

    Road Rage is poor production and poor songwriting at best.

    Sad part is, I really liked the Sean Nichols Road Rage much better. I wish they would have kept him.

  2. this review is only one person’s opinion. Quiet Riot had some great albums in the past and Kevin can never be replaced. He was the voice of Quiet riot.

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