The Return of Pixie Esmonde – Ep290


KISSMAS in July gets even cooler this week with The Return of Pixie Esmonde! Pixie, former wardrobe manager for KISS (1979-1980), quickly became one of our favorite guests. Her quick wit and fantastic stories had us in stitches and we knew we had to have her back on the show. If you missed her first appearance, be sure to go HERE and check it out. We promise, you won’t regret it.

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Return of Pixie

In this Return of Pixie Esmonde episode, we came armed with questions; not only from us but also from listeners of the show. Pixie did not disappoint in her answers, giving bold, honest answers about a number of topics. Subjects including the drama that permeated the Dynasty tour, her memories of certain behind the scenes personnel, run-ins with celebrities backstage and thoughts on some of the opening bands that went out with KISS during her tenure; Loverboy, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden among them.

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1 thought on “The Return of Pixie Esmonde – Ep290”

  1. Pixie is awesome! You can tell she can hold her own against any A**hole rockstar including Mr. Simmons.

    This episode reminded me of a funny Grace Slick story: I live in Malibu and one night around 10pm I go to the grocery store. Nobody in there. I grab a few things and head to the checkout. The checker is this lady who has been working there for years, a real character who sings gospel at the top of her lungs no matter how many people are there or what time of day. In front of me is this old lady looking a bit haggard with a long grey pony tail. Checker lady starts belting out some gospel. Old pony tail lady says “you have a beautiful voice. I used to be a singer.” Checker lady says “why did you give it up”. Pony tail lady replies “honey, nobody wants to see an old lady up on stage singing rock n roll”. My light bulb goes on, and I say “Grace!”. She turns around and says “well you have yourself a nice evening honey” and takes off into the night…. Fucking awesome!!! Same store I met Adrian Smith picking out vegetables!!!

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