WARRANT – Louder, Harder, Faster (Album Review)


Warrant Louder Harder FasterThere is a world without heroes, and there is a world without Jani Lane. They may be one and the same to me. There I said his name in the first sentence. Who is kidding who if you are not thinking of Jani when you think of Warrant. Now that I have said that I will also make this clear. I have given Warrant the chance with other singers. I am after all one who prefers Sammy over Dave, both Erics over Peter and many more. I need also state I believe Jani Lane to be one of the best songwriters both musically and lyrically the world sadly never really knew other than “Cherry Pie”, “Heaven” and a few other massive hits. While I love the first 2 albums I also love Ultraphobic and Dog Eat Dog, Belly to Belly is amazing. I also believe Warrant is not just one person, I think the 5 made some magic that cannot be reproduced minus anyone. So, all that said you probably know what the review has coming. I would prefer the word review be replaced with commentary as that is all my words are. I would never ever negate another person’s preference.

“Louder, Harder, Faster” is a kick arse rock n’ roll starter song. I love it, just wish the vocals were sung not screamed. I know it is supposed to be L, H, F!

“Devil Dancer” has the heavier groove of Warrant I love and the vocal style improves. The “dirty senorita” line seems completely stolen from Winger if my mind serves me well.

Perfect” has some cool effect on vocals, I seem to hinge on the vocals don’t I? I like this song a lot all around. Melodic and heavy. Some really nice guitar tone. Love to hear the bass forward too.

“Only Broken Heart” is Thin Lizzy, but not a cover just a complete rip off. Lyrics and sound. It does sound good because Thin Lizzy sounds good. It really is just a few changed lyrics from Boys Are Back…

“U in my Life” is a ballad and nothing to note here. Generic.

“Music Man” also begins slowly. Once again the lyrics seem to be rewritten as I have heard them before in some way shape or form. I guess there may be only a limited amount of topics to write about. I do like the crunch of guitars when it does get going.

“Faded” begins with solid guitar and the song is rock solid throughout. A highlight tune! Great chorus and backing vocals.

Warrant“New Rebellion” exemplifies the title of the release. It rocks hard and moves fast. Sadly nothing about it hooks me.

“Big Sandy” has the gang vocals and melody back, thank you. Really good tune. A song with clapping is always good! A summer rocker!

“Choose Your Fate” is an anthem style song. Not bad, not notable.

“Let it Go” is a pretty decent tune. Permits the release to end on a positive note. I like the vocals and music all around. Perhaps I need to take the hint but in reality I have given it a fair shake.

I began listening to this latest knowing full well I have never been a fan of Robert Mason’s vocals since Lynch Mob which I despised all around and before that despised George/Dokken as overplayed and still are to this day on Hairnation for some reason. Quite a chain of custody isn’t it? Sorry if I offend, he has vocal chops just not what I want to hear. Musically there is solid Warrant substance but the lyrics miss on most occasions and the soul is missing as well. I am glad they are keeping it up and retaining a fan base, it is just not for me. Perhaps my loyalty lies in meeting Jani in the worlds longest bar: Lulu’s in Kitchener, ON circa 1996. A very small venue for the band that was on top just a few years earlier. You could tell Jani was battling demons over the lack of attention for another great album. He was still awesome to those of us there. As were Rick, Jerry & Erik.

  • Blair De Abreu
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2 thoughts on “WARRANT – Louder, Harder, Faster (Album Review)”

  1. Blair, i was there at LULUs also!, what a show that was, Slaughter too.
    i too was waiting for Jani to come out of his Bus, i remember he was reading a book and got very mad and shut the bus curtain….THEN, he came out and was the nicest dude, it was kinda strange.
    cheers man.

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