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ROADKILL – E X T I N C T (Album Review)


Roadkill - E X T I N C T - Decibel GeekFrom the moment I heard the first riffs of Roadkill‘s “Ready For War” I was hooked! The video popped up in those suggestions in the sidebar while checking something else out on YouTube. I usually ignore those things, but for some reason, I clicked this time. And I’m so very glad that I did! This newly made discovery hails from Australia. Hobart, Tasmania to be exact. And apparently, so the internet tells me, Roadkill have been around for 10 years!! How is this possible that they have not crossed my radar previously?

In any case, they formed originally in 2006 in response to, as their Facebook page states, a lack of genuine hard rock bands in Hobart. A year later, 2007 saw Roadkill issue their first album, God Bless America, but tragedy struck the band by 2008. The next two years were filled with turmoil for Roadkill. Things that surely would have made lesser bands well…extinct. Like two members being involved in two separate serious car accidents, while another member left due to health problems! But the Roadkill was not to be scraped up with a shovel just yet. Regrouping in 2010 Roadkill unleashed their second effort, Profanity & Innuendo, in 2012. In early 2015, Roadkill recorded a show which was released mid-year titled, LIVE 2015. Now, in September 2016 the guys served up E X T I N C T via Melodic Rock Records.

The band is comprised of Neil Steel on vocals (also handling press and booking duties), Zig and Jim wielding the axes, with Ted on bass and Squid behind the kit.

Roadkill – E X T I N C T

The album starts off with the track that led to this whole thing, “Ready For War”. My God the riff is huge, larger than life. More meat on that than a porterhouse steak! It starts filtering through one side and then explodes out of the speakers as the song opens up. The rhythm section powerfully pounds the song forward behind the chunky riff. Some engaging solo work from guitarists Zig and Jim alongside the anthemic chorus make this cruncher an absolute must hear live. I love this tune!

Roadkill Band Facebook - Decibel GeekOn the first listen through, the remainder of E X T I N C T did not resonate with me as much as “Ready For War”. That has all changed with subsequent rotations and quite a few of Roadkill‘s works here have really grown on me. While “Ready For War” is the clear cut standout composition, there’s lots of other great metal contained on E X T I N C T. The songs are not overly busy. Know what I mean? They’re not complicated or confusing, just head-bangingly good. And all riff heavy. Tracks like “Evil” with its catchy chorus, the pounding groove of “What the Hell” and the brazen pace of “Hellbound”. All chock full of meaty riffage, did I mention that already? The only time the riffs go silent is during “Wishful Thinking”, until the chorus that is, but overall this one is a slower paced affair.

Final Remarks

These Tasmanian devils have composed a great collection of solid hard rockers all steeped in heavy riffage. I may just have found my new gym workout playlist here in E X T I N C T! And once again, “to the internet Batman”, we must track down more Roadkill albums!


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