We Share Our Top 5 Enuff Z’nuff Songs – Ep313


This week we share our Top 5 Enuff Z’nuff Songs. Born in Chicago, Enuff Z’nuff are one of Rock’s most criminally underrated acts. Between hooky tunes, an over the top image, and incredible songwriting, the band has racked up an impressive body of work.

top 5 enuff znuff

Enuff Z’nuff


Starting with 1989’s self-titled debut through 2016’s Clowns Lounge, Enuff Z’nuff have released 13 studio albums. They have survived numerous challenges including shifting music trends, addictions, and even death. In this long-form music and discussion episode, we share our thoughts on the band’s career, it’s members, and our favorite songs. Additionally, we share an in-person chat we had with Chip Z’nuff after a recent set in Nashville.

We hope you enjoy our Top 5 Enuff Z’nuff Songs and SHARE with a friend.

Hear our 2017 interview with Donnie Vie HERE

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3 thoughts on “We Share Our Top 5 Enuff Z’nuff Songs – Ep313”

  1. BRILLIANT, and you’re correct: there isn’t a more underrated band. You could easily do another two Top 5 EZN shows, at least (and I wouldn’t mind)…

  2. I know you mentioned Rock N World when reviewing the Animals track listing, but that song deserves to be in the top 5 easy. Best scream as well. Aroused should have been mentioned as well, but otherwise, solid top 5 from each of you.

  3. next time you want to discuss another EZN top 5 song list, please consult me. i want to contribute to the discussion/debate. EZN should have had several top 10 hits back in the day and a couple multi-platinum albums awards, but it was not in the cards for them and none of us will ever understand why.

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