Shiraz Lane – For Crying Out Loud (Album Review)

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Is the band from Sweden and/or Finland? Yes, check.

Does the band display a glam/sleaze image? Yes, check.

Check 1,2

Check 1,2

Ok sound check good! Let’s rock n’ roll!

SHIRAZ LANE fcolI have been highly anticipating this band’s first full-length release for a short while now. I was hooked on the name and further reeled in with the sound and image. Shiraz Lane, another fine hard rock outfit of misfits from Finland are here and give us For Crying Out Loud. A 10 song release let me get right into it.

“Wake Up” breaks out of the gate rocking hard with solid drums to start. Hannes is clearly ready to provide us the range of his vocals, high and mighty! Great start!

“Momma’s Boy” Reminiscent of G n’ R and not just in the title. Not bad at all.

“House of Cards” The tempo and tone changes up here, darker and deeper. Another good song and I like the changeup before we get to the middle of the pack. Strong melodic chorus.

“Begging for Mercy” Love this song, which is no wonder because I love it as “Count Me Out” by Foxy Shazam which it sounds extremely similar too. This doesn’t bother me at all.

“Same Ol Blues” Slowing right down here for the ballad on the release and it is a good one. Not bluesy at all just in name. Rocks fairly good too during the chorusshirazlane-2016.

“Mental Slavery” The boys are back to rockin’ it out. Guitar like this is so sweet sounding.

“Behind the 8 Ball” Here we are with the blues sound. A longer song at 5:35, and for me the weakest on the release. Just not for me.

“For Crying Out Loud” A sleaze rocker that is going to be a regular on my playlist. Like it! Except for the last 2 minutes of this 6+ minute song.

“Bleeding” Back to the blues. Not for my ears, especially at 6:47 in length. I will give them this; they have balls to write long songs which are a hard sell in any era.

“M.L.N.W.” Shall I tell you what it stands for? Nah, I didn’t try to guess until I just listened to the song, and I was rewarded. It is pretty simple. This song captured me from the start and I love that they placed this last on the release. This is a 6-minute song I will listen to regularly. Make Love…..what a great message thanks for the direction Shiraz Lane! I shall comply.

Shiraz Lane3

The production level of the release is good to very good. I do think some of the later songs on the release went a tad too long; they could have been 4-minute songs rather than 6. A very minor gripe for an otherwise terrific release from a band I have high hopes for. I believe if you like the G n’ R sound along with Shotgun Messiah’s first release you would like this.

Tracks to try: “Wake Up” / “House of Cards” / “Begging for Mercy” / “Same Ol Blues / “For Crying Out Loud” / “M.L.N.W.” 

– Blair De Abreu

BUY: Shiraz Lane – For Crying Out Loud

Shiraz Lane Website / Shiraz Lane Facebook / Shiraz Lane Twitter


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