Six Songs with Ralph Viera and Mission Aborted – Ep323

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We’re back this week with a humdinger of an episode that features Ralph Viera (aka Dr. Fukk) picking six songs he thinks you should hear! Ralph is a true renaissance man of rock metal. He hosts multiple live shows on That Metal Station and fronts multiple bands including Thrash or Die. Additionally, Ralph is well known in podcasting circles as the host of the Rock and Metal Combat Podcast. Each week Ralph and co-host Ian Wadley bring great knowledge and humor with an edge. We highly recommend it.

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Ralph Viera


Equally interesting this week is our discussion at the top of the show of Vinnie Vincent. As we announced a couple months ago, Vinnie was confirmed and announced as a guest for the Nashville Rock n Pod Expo. A lot of work went into promoting his appearance and things were about to go into overdrive. However, things started changing over the past week and ultimately, Vinnie’s appearance was cancelled. We share with you the story of what went down and our take on it. The Nashville invasion is now an aborted mission. Such a shame.

The Nashville Rock n Pod Expo is moving forward and is expected to be a big success. Current/former members of KISS, Korn, Winger, ACCEPT, Joan Jett, Loudness, Bang Tango, Kik Tracee and more will be there. Additionally, producing legends Michael Wagener and Toby Wright are returning. More great guest and event announcements are coming soon. Get all of the info HERE and buy tickets HERE or donate to helping fund the expo HERE.

All $10+ gofundme donors get access to exclusive audio from expo-related podcasts.

We hope you enjoy Six Songs Ralph Viera Thinks You Should Hear and SHARE with a friend!

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4 thoughts on “Six Songs with Ralph Viera and Mission Aborted – Ep323”

  1. Ah Leah, Donnie Iris is from Cleveland Ohio which is where I’m from. His drummer ,Kevin Valentine played on several Kiss songs. I figured dr.fukk would know that being a major Kiss fan. Kevin played on Take it off from Revenge and several cuts from Psycho Circus.I can’t believe you guys didn’t dig ah Leah more than you seemed to. It’s a great song and I wanna know if anyone knew that about Donnie’s drummer Kevin Valentine doing session work for Kiss. Alot of talent comes from Ohio baby!

  2. Oh btw f**k Vinnie Vincent,Valerie Vincent or what the hell ever. When I saw him on you tube at the Kiss convention?? Or just a Vinnie thing whatever but I saw what he was wearing and immediately the song “these boots r made for walking” came to mind.

  3. Matthew Faulkerson

    Vinnie still showed up to the Day of the Dead convention that happened a few days ago. I wonder if August is when he is going on the lamb again. Just like after the whole box set fiasco.

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