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14212094_328601524159821_5387072091400716841_nSo there’s this band from Texas.  They call themselves the Texas Hippie Coalition.  Not knowing the band you might take three things away from their name.  They are from Texas.  They smoke weed.  And they are a hippie jam band in the vein of bands like, eh-hem, Phish.  You’d be right on two counts.  They are from Texas and exhaustively espouse the virtues of marijuana and the THC found within.  But the singer is closer to a walking endorsement for Weight Watchers than they are to phucking Phish.

Much to my chagrin Mill City Nights has become the spot to see live rock music in the Twin Cities.  Maybe it’s my Lutheran upbringing but why does everything have to be a tradeoff.  Great club.  Boring bands.  Great band.  Horrible club.  Don’t get me wrong.  Mill City is well run and with the exception of the sticky floor, mostly clean.  But it is by far the least appealing venue to see a band like THC in the Twin Cities.  But through their contacts with AEG and LiveNation they do get some of the best bands.  So while the stage lighting is mediocre and going to the nearest bathroom is a good hike from the stage they do get most of the cool bands.  And this day it’s Texas Hippie Coalition.

14237562_328601707493136_3215495533584986265_nMy Cobras and Fire Podcast co-host and partner in saving rock Loose Canon has been a THC advocate since we started working together.  While we don’t always agree he has never wasted my time when it came to recommending a band.  And he wasn’t wrong about THC.  Just a great heavy metal band from Texas.

Rock n Roll is littered with young, fertile frontmen so thin they’ve never bought a pair of pants with a ‘3’ in the size.  I don’t know the age of THC singer Big Dad Rich but it doesn’t start with a ‘2’.  And you don’t need to squint to know it’s not Mick Jagger prancing on stage during their show.  AND you need to stop reading right now.  Look up THC tour dates.  Go to one of those shows.  Send me a thank you card afterwards.

Opening with the song “Hands Up” I didn’t move until the last note of the obvious closer “Pissed Off And Mad About It”Big Dad Rich held the audience in his palm from the moment he ambled onstage.  The southern charm was heavy and behind BDR was a band so on, Xcel Energy will probably find a way to bill them.  Hammering through songs “8 Seconds”, “Rollin'”, “Outlaw” and “Come Get It” the rock flowed heavy from this band that included newcomer, guitarist Nevada Romo who has apparently been arrested since joining the band a few weeks prior.  Something of a badge of honor per BDR.

14184375_328601727493134_6472092217828642891_nIt was clear the crowd this night wasn’t there for one of the three openers.  Once THC took the stage, Mill City Nights took on a family feel.  At one point BDR calling out a member of the audience as someone he’s had to keep from getting kicked out for being a bit rowdy.  Even claiming they learned a song for him as the last two times they were in Minnesota he requested it and they weren’t prepared to play it.  I think it was the song “Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll”.

There is a lot wrong with the state of any genre of music.  Including rock.  But THC is what’s right.  If anything the fact there are people unaware of them is what’s wrong with them.  Seriously.  If you like hard rock and southern charm go see this band.  Buy a t-shirt.  Tell your friends.  Let’s work together to ensure the next generation has their own THC.

THC Official / THC Facebook / THC Twitter / THC Instagram

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4 thoughts on “TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION Smoke Out Minneapolis”

  1. The comments on the weight was not called for .. Just goes to show you how SHALLOW OF A JOURNALIST U R !! TWISTED HIPPIE CHICK 420 RULES.

    1. Talking about my brothers weight like that will get your skinny ass stomped.. why did you go there? Make you feel better. I’ve been a 3 rocker patched member since 2013 and follower since day 1. One of the hardest working bands in R&R you also failed to mention the seller performance of Timmy ‘the hitman’ Braun, Young gun Cord Pool and the clobbering bass of John Exall… but you did get one thing right…. ya all should know this band.

      1. I’m going to break my own rule about not commenting on comments because of the nature of the accusation. For the record. I don’t feel BDR’s weight has any merit regarding how great he or this band is. Any subtle mention of it was done in an effort to paint a picture using contrast. If you read this entire review and came away with the conclusion I cared one iota about anyone in the bands weight then you chose to focus on a nuance. BDR is big man and an even bigger personality. And trust me. He’s aware of it. This is an amazing band and more people should know it. That was the overlying theme throughout the article. To focus on his weight is to miss the forest for the trees. My name isn’t Anonymous. It’s Bakko.

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