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The End of KISS(?) – Ep554


With this week marking the end of KISS as a touring entity, we thought we’d serve up a Torpedo Dudes 4 All! This is Decibel Geek’s KISS-exclusive podcast and there’s plenty to discuss!
KISS recently had to cancel shows in Ottawa, Toronto, and Knoxville due to Paul Stanley contracting the flu. The band got back on track for Indianapolis and is moving forward with the final dates. Between the Ottawa and Toronto cancellations a tragic car accident/explosion made news as a possible terror attack. How does this (potentially) relate to KISS? Listen to find out.
As the band prepares for this weekend’s final shows at Madison Square Garden, we discuss our thoughts on the current lineup, how we got to our opinions, and the multiple KISS-themed doings in NYC this week. Activities discussed include the NYC KISS takeover and, of course, the shows themselves.

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It was confirmed recently that no ex-members, including Bruce Kulick, will be guesting at the shows. Will there be any surprises or shakeups for these landmark shows? We give our predictions.
Speaking of ex-members, Ace Frehley released the title track to his upcoming album ‘10,000 Volts’ which is due next February. We give our reactions to the new single, our hopes for the album, and more.
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