Top 5 KISS Songs 1974-1977 Ep342

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Filmmaker Andrew Sgambati is with us this week to talk about The Greatest Show on Earth as well as to pick our Top 5 KISS Songs 1974-1977! While there’s a ton of controversy surrounding the Hottest Band in the Land in 2018 we’re happy to have Andrew on to discuss a time when all was right in the world. The mid-1970’s were a magical time for KISS. The strength of their six studio albums and two live albums propelled the band into the heights of pop culture consciousness in 1977. Inspired by such a special era for the band, Andrew channeled that inspiration into making The Greatest Show on Earth; a concert film/documentary sourced from video from live 1977 concerts and audio from Alive II.

Top 5 KISS 1974-1977

Top 5 KISS 1974-1977


Additionally, Andrew sticks around to join us in picking our Top 5 KISS Songs 1974-1977. We know you’ll agree with a number of choices while probably scratching your head at others. Don’t you just love list shows?

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1 thought on “Top 5 KISS Songs 1974-1977 Ep342”

  1. Aaron, you are a man of impeccable taste! My top 5 KISS songs are your top 5 KISS songs. Terrific selections, Ladies Room and Shock Me off Alive II are classics. You are one man I’d love to go have a beer with, pity I am about 20 hours flight away in Sydney Australia. Thank you guys, the whole episode was hugely enjoyable – the absolute best of the best. One tiny request – KISS Alive! is “KISS Alive!” Not “KISS Alive One” – okay? Rock on, can’t wait for your next show.

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