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Vinny Appice Remembers Holy Diver – Albums Unleashed Ep446


Legendary drummer Vinny Appice joins us this week to examine the making of Dio’s Holy Diver album. Coming off success with Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio was in a tough spot. While the band was in a good place professionally, interpersonal relationships were severely hampered. While in Sabbath, Dio was offered a solo record deal and decided to snap it up and bring drummer Vinny Appice with him. What resulted is an absolute masterpiece of metal music.

Holy Diver was released May 25, 1983 and immediately gained traction in a  growing rock and metal scene. Powered by the singles ‘Holy Diver’ and ‘Rainbow in the Dark,’ the album is loaded with timeless songs. The rhythm section of Vinny Appice and Jimmy Bain combined with guitarist Vivian Campbell’s soaring leads and Dio’s majestic vocals produced an album that sounds as amazing today as it did upon its release.

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Holy Diver


In this discussion Vinny shares his memories of this album and era. From their split with Sabbath to the formation of the band to the recording of the album, you’ll hear about it all. There are some great behind the scenes stories in this chat about the making of the album at the legendary Sound City Studios. Additionally, you’ll get stories from Vinny about the songwriting and recording process for Holy Diver.

The chat wraps up with some other entertaining stories from this era including backward track recording, performing seances, and Ronnie’s addiction to….video games. It’s a great view into the making of a metal classic. We hope you enjoy Holy Diver – Albums Unleashed and SHARE with a friend!

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