We Pick Our Top 5 WASP Songs – Ep321

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We’re back this week to share our favorite songs by Sunset Strip legends WASP! In 1982 Blackie Lawless builds WASP was built to shock. Their over-the-top image garnered a ton of attention in an already-growing LA music scene. From Lawless’ buzzsaw codpiece to models being tied to a torture rack to throwing raw meat into the audience, WASP takes the blueprint set by Alice Cooper and KISS and elevates it to raunchy new heights. Amid all of the theatricality, though, lay some of the best hard rock music of the decade and beyond.

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While Blackie Lawless remains the constant in WASP’s career, the band has featured a number of fantastic musicians and incarnations over the years. The early days of the band included bassists Rik Fox and Don Costa and, later, Johnny Rod. Notably, some amazing guitarists have graced albums by WASP including Chris “Mean Man” Holmes, Randy Piper, Darrell Roberts, and Bob Kulick. Additionally, a who’s who of rock drumming history have passed through the WASP ranks including Tony Richards, Frankie Banali, Stet Howland, Steve Riley, Mike Dupke, and Randy Black. The band currently surrounding Lawless features Doug Blair, Mike Duda, and Aquiles Priester.

As mentioned in the show, we’re showcasing our personal Top 5 WASP Songs. You’re getting great tracks from virtually all eras of their more than thirty year career. In conclusion, it’s a deep dive into one of the landmark metal bands of the 1980s and beyond.

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  1. DC Geeks are truly one of the best podcast out there. This one really brought back some memories, had to dust off some old lps, and a shitload of cds to pick some of my own, but you guys were spot on for most of them. A few of my own were, Ballcrusher, Crazy, Tormentor, Restless Gypsy, Scream until you like it! keep up the great work, and thanks for a great time, cheers!!

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