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We Prove Rock Is NOT Dead with Fresh Blood V6 – Ep338


We’re back to further prove that Rock is NOT dead with Fresh Blood V6. Particularly, we’ve got 10 great up and coming bands this week and we’re confident you’re gonna find something you dig. At the present time, classic artists such as AC/DC, KISS, and Judas Priest continue to roll on. In due time, they will be gone. Accordingly, we’re shifting focus this week to younger, hungry bands that are giving their all in a challenging musical climate.

fresh blood v6 decibel geek podcast

Fresh Blood V6


In this hour-plus chunk of great music you’ll hear from City of Thieves, The Watchers, Kaleo, Salem’s Lott, Taco Mouth, The Rocket Dolls, Under the Radar, SkeetZo N’ Krysis, Black Paisley, and Starcrawler.

Also, you’ll notice that two of our song picks were selected by DBG VIPs from Patreon! If you want to become a DBG VIP, simply go to and be a $3.00 + patron. Perks include song suggestions, bonus content including the Chris & Aaron Show and much more!

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Geeks of the Week:

Simon Catt, Joe Royland, Sit and Spin with Joe, Matt Ashcraft, Chris McDowell, Anthony Laitas, Keith Ross, Wayne Cross, Joseph Capone, Greg McGlone, Rob Harris, Greg Troyan, Rockin’ Ron Runyon, Decibel Geek TV, Eric Czynszak, Dave Huckridge, Denver DeSeranno, Neil Johnson, Andrew Jacobs, Jason Thomas Broadrick, Kenneth Roy, David Glynn, Sean Culletn, Steve Wright (Podder Than Hell), Matt Porter (The KISS Room), Aaron Baker, Derik Novak, Steven Kersh, Joe Lascon, Bakko (Cobras & Fire), Brent Walter, Trevor McDougall, David Cathey, Bill Elam, Mikael Burell, Stacey Sullivan, Kenneth McDonald, Andy Lafon, Todd Cunningham, Jeffrey Mendenhall, Marc Alden Taylor, Free Form Rock Podcast, Allen Tate, James West, Alex Thorn, Ian Wadley (RMCP), James Brendon Dunn, Adam Cox, Greg York, Dan Nation, Chuck Noseworthy, Rodney Dickson, Scott Stine, Gino Ames, Stephen Atchison, Eladio, Jay Szczeblewski, Monte Carr, The Mooger Fooger

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City of Thieves

The Watchers


Salem’s Lott

Taco Mouth

The Rocket Dolls

Under the Radar

SkeetZo N’ Krysis

Black Paisley


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4 thoughts on “We Prove Rock Is NOT Dead with Fresh Blood V6 – Ep338”

  1. Under the Radar and City of Thieves are my picks – enjoying listening to both of them since this podcast. Nice work, guys.

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