We Share Our Top 5 Worst KISS Songs! – Ep337


We return this week to bring you our choices for the Top 5 Worst KISS Songs! It’s no secret that we love the Hottest Band in the Land. It’s also no secret that, for the great number of awesome songs in the KISS Kanon (spelled with a “K” of course), there are some serious Klunkers.

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Top 5 Worst KISS Songs


This week Chris and Aaron are counting down their personal 5 least favorite songs from KISStory. You may think you’re only going to be hearing from a specific era in the band’s history. Well, think again! Between the guys’ lists, you’re hearing songs from Dressed to Kill, Destroyer, Music from the Elder, Animalize, Hot in the Shade, Carnival of Souls, Psycho Circus, and Sonic Boom! It’s an hour-plus of fun talk of some dire tunes. You Wanted the Best? Too Bad! This week you’re getting the worst!

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Geeks of the Week:

Joe Royland, Sit and Spin with Joe, Scott Smith, Matt Ashcraft, Joseph Capone, Jay Szczeblewski, Dan Nation, Kevin Williams, Joey Haynie (Rock Strikes Ten), Tom Cullen, Decibel Geek TV, Rockin Ron Runyon, Aaron Baker, David Glynn, Greg Troyan, Throne of Malediction, James McEllhiney, Eric Sartana Horner, Gino Ames, Adam Cox, Mike Parnell, Rodney Dickson, Brandt Cattell, Chuck Noseworthy, Wayne Cross, Victor Ruiz, Greg York, Bill Elam, Ernesto Aguilar, David Hudson, JJMac, Jeff Mendenhall, The Mooger Fooger

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3 thoughts on “We Share Our Top 5 Worst KISS Songs! – Ep337”

  1. Hey guys, I have been listening to this show for about 3 months now and I love it – I first listened back in July when you did Kissmas in July, as I am a huge Kiss fan. Since then I have listened to your new episodes and dug back into some of the back catalogue. But I have to tell you, as a die hard Kiss fan (living in Australia – who traveled all the way to Miami to do the Kiss Kruise) I think this is your best – a superb episode! Nothing better than informed and passionate KISS fans telling it how it is – about the stinkers! And I couldn’t agree more with some of your choices. Psycho Circus – really, what a cheese coated album (title track included) – but “I Finally Found My Way” took KISS to new depths previously unexplored. That was so bad it was hilarious. Crazy Nights album generally sucked too – especially the keyboard laden ballad “Reason to Live”. To me, Carnival of Souls is essentially an un-listenable grunge-inspired soul-destroying disappointment with no redeeming song, so happy to acknowledge “In My Head” as shite. I do love too, however, how my opinion differs from yours on some – “Murder in High Heels” – wow, not brilliant but not bad, it is has a head bobbing metal edge to it at least. Same with “Ladies in Waiting” – at least it rocks! I also like “Dark Light” on the Elder. For me, far more relevant “skip” tracks in the KISS Katalague that deserve deeper scrutiny are: “I Still Love You” (especially the Unplugged version), “Easy As It Seems”, “Under the Rose”, “Raise Your Glasses” and “Who Wants to Be Lonely”. Thanks again for such an enjoyable and hilarious episode. Keep up the great work, fellas.

  2. My list
    1 – Read My Body.
    Forget the fact they are trying to imitate a shitty Def ;Leppard Song…well, l hard not to forget that part. But for me to think pour some sugar on me is better than this??? TOP SPOT!!!!

    2 – My Way
    Crazy Nights is so shitty that people that like it think that “Ladies in waiting” is a bad song. Nuff said there,

    3 – Russian Roulette
    This song is so bad that all four of members of KISS should have played Russian Roulette for releasing it…. With a loaded gun.

    4 – Lets Put The X in Sex
    Keep it undercover, baby. Shittier than a bad b-side.

    5 – Bang Bang You.

    One, two, three, four. This song is such a bore. Five, Six, Seven, Eight. Ladies In Waiting is fucking great.

    Horrible Mentions: You’re All That I Want, Two Sides Of The Coin, Burn Bitch Burn, Every song off Crazy Nights, Lonely Is the Hunter, Murder in High-Heels, Radar for Love, Just about every song off Hot In The Shade, Take It Off, Childhood’s End, I Finally Found My Way, Never Enough, Stand, All for the Glory, Danger Us, and Eat Your Heart Out.

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