X-ROMANCE – Voices From The Past (Album Review)

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X-ROMANCE – Voices From The Past

I jumped into a Delorian and hit 88 mph.  There was a flash of light and I was transported back to the Greaties. This record is the greatest love song to the Greaties and “Great Scott!” it delivers the best summer rock that I have heard in ages.  This is a must for all lovers of the era when large shoulder pads jostled with mullets and Hair Metal ruled the world.  I love this album so much, it has restored my faith in the music world.  So much positivity in an age when darkness and cynacism is the main currency is glorious.

An offshoot of the original band Romance (formed in 1988 by Anders “LA” Rönnblom and Thomas Widmark, X-Romance came to life in 2015. Anders was going through a box of old tapes and found the old Romance recordings. He called up Thomas and the rest is a hot spot for rock.

X-Romance consists of an experienced line-up of musicians who have come together to deliver this fantastic fresh sounding record, Voices From The Past.  On board are Andreas Novak on vocals (from House Of Shakira), Anders “LA” Rönnblom on bass guitar (from Killer Bee), Thomas Widmark on keyboards, Fredrik Tjerneld on guitar, Mikael Dahlin on guitar (Killer Bee) and Kenta Karlbom on drums (Goatess).

The record is a major plus for my happiness.  The sound is clear and modern, but the whole sound is rooted in a golden age.  It is like a mega dose of Prozac for improving the mood.  The feel is of celebration and so much better than most of the new music coming out now.

The songs are mega tuneful and have more energy than several solar farms.  The songs reach into your brain and scatter your melody sensors all over the place.  I love the opener “Lonely” with its nod to Foreigner and the absolutely blistering soloing.  Novak‘s vocals are part Lou Gramm mixed with a dash of Phil Collins and the singing is top notch throughout.

There are a great mix of tempos on the collection, from the mid nodding of “Bad Connection” to the harder and faster edge of “Pushing On“.  “Pushing On” is a great surprise with its Iron Maiden-like harmony guitar parts. Other highlights are the guitar freakout of “Departure” (think AOR Yngwie) and the single “You and I“.

Issued by AOR Heaven.  Oh yes it is!!  Catch this band as soon as possible – get to the UK and I’ll deffo be there!

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  1. Just love it ❤️
    It’s living a fell good feeling and I want it too never end ?❤️?

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