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Author: Derik Novak


MORC Monsterwood ’16 Quick Recap

Greetings!!! I recently returned, for the second year in a row, from one of the greatest rock n’ roll adventures on the planet: Monsters Of

Album Review

Wild Rose – 4 (Album Review)

Hailing from Greece, AOR band Wild Rose are soon set to release their 4th full-length studio album, aptly titled 4. Fans of Tyketto, Richard Marx,

Album Review

Striker – Stand In The Fire (Album Review)

Canadian band Striker released their fourth full-length album Stand In The Fire earlier this month and it certainly kicks 2016 off with a huge bang. Some have called Striker

Album Review

The Poodles: Devil In The Details

In reality, a Poodle is an overly groomed lap dog lavished and spoiled by their middle to upper class owners and they tend to make