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Category: Buried Treasure

Album Review

Album Review: Black Trip Shadowline

Not quite a year ago I was first introduced to the band Black Trip on episode 162 of the Decibel Geek Podcast (Episode #162-Fresh Blood Vol. #3). Podcasts do

Album Review

Album Review: Satan – Atom by Atom

Are you familiar with Satan? No not the ruler of the Underworld but the band. Yes, there’s a band with that, perhaps very unfortunately so,

Buried Treasure

Meister Music: Broken Teeth

Hello and welcome to an old segment here on the Decibel Geek website that I called “Meister Music” in which I, The Meister, attempt to

Album Review

Taylen Storm – There’s A Storm Coming!

New York’s own Taylen Storm hit back with an archived release of their collected demo output through US indie label Demon Doll Records. Taylen Storm was formed