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Pixie Esmonde

Konversation with Pixie Esmonde

After a great first two weeks, we’re back with a very special guest this week. Pixie Esmonde, wardrobe manager for KISS (1979-1980), joins Aaron and

Denny Smith decibel geek podcast

Konversation with Denny Smith – Ep197

The Great Affairs‘┬áDenny Smith joins Chris and Aaron this week for a long-form discussion on all-things KISS. Denny worked for the hottest and in the


Hair of the Dog Discussion – Ep188

In 1997, no frills rock was about as unpopular as you can imagine….unless you lived in the midwestern United States. The plains states have long


Conversation with Mark Slaughter

This week we fulfill an interview wish that goes back to the beginning of the show; fitting for our 4 year anniversary. This week Aaron