Conversation with Perry Richardson – Ep227


Former FireHouse bassist Perry Richardson sits down with Chris & Aaron to discuss his career in rock music. In this hour-plus discussion, Perry shares stories of his early history with bands such as Maxx Warrior and Nantucket. He then moves on to discuss the formation and rise of FireHouse. On the success of the singles ‘Don’t Treat Me Bad’ and ‘Love of a Lifetime,’ FireHouse’s self-titled debut album took off; selling over 2 million copies. The band won the 1992 American Music Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance, beating out up and coming Grunge acts Alice in Chains and Nirvana. In this conversation, Perry shares the story of a not-so-friendly encounter with Alice in Chains at the awards show after-party.

conversation with perry richardson decibel geek podcast episode 227

Perry Richardson


FireHouse’s second album ‘Hold Your Fire‘ also achieved success on the chart activity of singles ‘Reach for the Sky’, ‘When I Look Into Your Eyes,’ and ‘Sleeping with You;’ the latter of which Perry has no love lost. In this long-form talk, he also shares road stories of touring with Poison and Damn Yankees, including an interesting exchange with Ted Nugent on his way to the stage.

While the American heyday of FireHouse seems to be limited to their first two albums, things were just getting started for the band around the world. With the release of 1995’s ‘3‘ album, the band was propelled to stardom overseas; especially in Asia. In this long form talk, Perry shares some incredible stories about an extended tour of Indonesia that includes near-death experiences as well as a story of crew member disappearing in the most shocking of ways.

1998 saw a resurgence in interest in “hair bands” and FireHouse was certainly in the mix as they toured along with Warrant, Quiet Riot, LA Guns, and Slaughter for the Rock Never Stops tour.

Perry Richardson left FireHouse in 2000 after touring on the release of 1998’s ‘Category 5‘ album. In this talk, he shares his take on what led to his exit from the band and how that exit led him to Nashville and his current gig as bassist for country music star Craig Morgan.

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Thank goodness for the Decibel Geek podcast. By far the best podcast on the net! I started out by listening to a lot of the Kiss episodes.. After hearing how good those were I’ve been listening to them all for the past 2 months. Your albums unleashed are some of the most interesting podcasts of all! Great choices on the albums you have featured! I’m a UPS driver in Northern Indiana and you guys help me get through the day.. I’ve downloaded all your podcasts and have pretty much heard every episode in the past couple of months! I’m a huge KISS fan and a Huge Vinnie Vincent fan! The 6 part Vinnie episodes were so good! Can’t wait for the 7th. Hopefully he will actually come on your show and give his side of the story. I met him on the Lick It Up Tour in Chicago! He couldn’t have been a nicer guy to me and my friends.. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you guys for doing what you do.. Great show!!

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