Kitty In A Casket – Kiss & Hell (Album Review)


Kitty In A Casket Kiss and Hell_Cover_printKitty in a Casket is a band formed in 2008 in Vienna Austria. The female fronted punk n’ roll/rockabilly style group consisting of vocalist Kitty Casket, guitarists Billy the Bat and Todd Flash, bassist Tom Mooner and drummer Max van Angst issued their fifth recording, Kiss & Hell in late February 2016. Prior to Kiss & Hell were 2009’s Horror Express, the 2010 EP HalloWein, 2011’s Back to Thrill and the 2013 unveiled Bittersweet. The band is known for their intoxicating stage energy along with the wonderfully morbid charm that their lyrics ooze, always tongue in cheek, of course. The diversity of their punk rock compositions which alternate between brusque and sensitive, between humorous and deadly serious, between fictitious and autobiographical are also acquainted features. Part of this world of emotions is the band members’ shared penchant for bizarre stories with eerily wonderful content. As for example in the video supporting “Sticks & Stones” (as seen below), the first single release from the album, which has Kitty plunge into the realm of the undead, causing the involuntarily murderous demise of the men which take her fancy.

Kitty in a Casket - pressOn Kiss & Hell, their fifth release and latest since 2013, Kitty in a Casket continue with their punk/ghoul sound combined with solid pitch vocals that lean on and pull from a pop sensibility, which is a compliment! Kitty can switch her singing style to rough and gruff as well, nice! Good tempo start with “Sticks & Stones”, quickly generating my interest and upholding it throughout Kiss & Hell. This Austrian band rocks it out, a slight rockabilly sound as well which makes perfect sense given their bassist plays a stand-up style and the backing vocals can throw in some death and deviant sounds too from time to time. As I get into the middle album territory I am really enjoying this punk rock based band. Solid guitar tone throughout. All around I am impressed with this release. For the Canadian readers, this really reminds me of Bif Naked’s sound.

Tracks to try: “Sticks & Stones” / “Bloodlust” / “Nightmare” / “St. Tropez”

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