The Best and Worst of Motley Crue – Ep432


We’re joined by Wally “Gator” Norton of the CGCM Podcast this week as we discuss The Best and Worst of Motley Crue! It’s hard to believe that in the nearly 40 year history of this legendary Hollywood-bred band that only 9 proper studio albums exist from them. This week your three hosts pick their favorite and least favorite tracks from each Motley studio album. Starting and 1981’s ‘Too Fast for Love’ and going all the way through 2008’s ‘Saints of Los Angeles,’ there’s a lot to cover.

Motley Crue, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars

The Best and Worst of Motley Crue


Additionally, you’ll get our stories of how we discovered Motley Crue, concert experiences, record store purchases, and much more! It’s a fun ride through the discography of one of the most notorious rock bands ever!

We hope you enjoy The Best and Worst of Motley Crue and SHARE with a friend! Please leave YOUR choices for these albums in the comments below!

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1 thought on “The Best and Worst of Motley Crue – Ep432”

  1. The Best & Worst of Motley Crue:
    Hi guys, just listened to this entire thing and LOVED the conversation! Great stuff; thank you!
    As a lifelong, diehard, Motley Crue uberfan, wish I could have participated with you.
    For what it’s worth, my summarized 2 cents for each album is below.

    Also, if you haven’t already, please check out the best-selling new book “The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of Hair Metal” on Amazon, I would LOVE to get your thoughts and discuss it with you sometime!

    Too Fast for Love (All-Time Classic)
    Favorite: Live Wire
    Least Favorite: Merry Go Round

    Shout at the Devil (All-Time Classic)
    Favorite: Looks That Kill
    Least Favorite: Danger

    Theatre of Pain (Personal Guilty Pleasure)
    Favorite: Tonight (We Need a Lover)
    Least Favorite: Fight For Your Rights

    Girls, Girls, Girls (Half Killer / Half Filler)
    Favorite: Wild Side
    Least Favorite: Bad Boy Boogie (not counting Nona or Jailhouse Rock)

    Dr. Feelgood (All-Time Classic)
    Favorite: Dr. Feelgood
    Least Favorite: Time For Change or Without You (pick one)

    Motley Crue (LOVE this album)
    Favorite: Power to the Music (wish I could pick more than one)
    Least Favorite: Till Death Do Us Part

    Generation Swine (HATE this album)
    Favorite: Let Us Prey (if I have to have a favorite from this album)
    Least Favorite: Brandon (wish I could pick more than one)

    New Tattoo (I so wanted to like this album, but just can’t, no matter how many times I try)
    Favorite: Punched in the Teeth By Love
    Least Favorite: Porno Star

    Saints of Los Angeles (Meh…could have been so much better)
    Favorite: Saints of Los Angeles
    Least Favorite: Chicks = Trouble

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