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Author: Andy Lafon

Album Review

U.D.O. Navy Metal Night: A Review

Navy Metal Night marks the second release by U.D.O. this year, the first was the studio release Decadent in January (reviewed here: U.D.O. Gets Decadent). This being

Album Review

Thunder Wonder Days: A Review

When most people in the United States think of great blues based hard rock music I doubt many people think of the band Thunder. What

Album Review

SINBREED – Shadows (Album Review)

Oh how I love German power metal, and Sinbreed is no exception! In late March of this year, German power metallers Sinbreed released their second

Grand Magus Triumph and Power

Grand Magus are a Swedish heavy metal band founded in 1996 by vocalist and guitarist JB Christoffersson and bassist Fox Skinner. Their first release came

Saxon Unplugged and Strung Up

Unplugged and Strung Up is the second release this year for the mighty Saxon. The first was their twentieth studio album, Sacrifice, released this March.

Album Review

ONSLAUGHT – VI (Album Review)

Onslaught VI Dark Aggression At Its Best Onslaught is an intriguing thrash/speed metal band that had enormous potential in the eighties, but through many personnel