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top 5 live acts decibel geek podcast

Top 5 Live Acts – Ep357

After reading an article written by Claire Gillespie from the website Delite documenting their list of the Top Live Bands of All Time, Aaron and


Camaro’s Cutout Bin Vol2 – Ep356

We’re back this week with the long-awaiting second volume of Camaro’s Cutout Bin! Aaron Camaro is always on the hunt. His journey’s to record stores,


Toddzilla Returns! – Ep355

Back by popular demand, we bring you one of our favorite guests ever as Toddzilla Returns! For the uninitiated, Toddzilla is a Nashville music scene

torpedo dudes decibel geek podcast

Torpedo Dudes Preview – Ep353

With Aaron moving this week, the guys needed a week off. But, have no fear, you’re still getting an episode this week! In this Torpedo


New Noize KISS Edition – Ep350

With so much happening in the KISS world, we thought we’d return with a KISS Edition of New Noize! In this hour-plus talk, we get


Album Anticipation – Ep348

We look to the year in music ahead this week with Album Anticipation! This week we’re discussing albums that are in production for a 2019